Maw Broon’s Story

Maw Broon is mother to eight, very much the homemaker and in charge of all the household affairs. The Broons family live in a tenement flat at 10 Glebe Street, in the fictional Scottish town of Auchentogle. The family comprises of Paw, a small, ordinary working-class man and his wife, Maw.

There are two grown up sons, Hen and Joe and two grown up daughters, Maggie and Daphne.

Hen who is very tall and thin, is an office worker who likes to dress smartly and is always trying to impress the ladies.

Joe on the other hand is more of a sportsman, keen on boxing and football.

The girls are also very different, with Maggie slim and glamorous and Daphne plump and plain.

The younger children are Horace-the brains of the family, the Twins, identical boys and the Bairn, a mini Maw.

Last but by no means least is Granpaw Broon, Paw’s father. This lovable rogue lives in a cottage near Glebe Street though he spends most of his day with the family.

You can smile and laugh with the whole family every week in The Sunday Post.

Maw Broon’s best-selling cookbook was published in 2007 and has gone on to achieve 350,000 which led to the launch of a range of branded Maw Broon’s Kitchen food & drink products in 2013.

Traditional favourites, everyday buys and treats for all the family, you’ll find them all in Maw Broon’s Kitchen.

Maw Broon – looking after the family since 1936.